Thursday our team was divided for ministry in two villages. I was amongst the team ministering in the gypsy village Andrid. It was the first time FFH had been to Andrid.

We had scarcely gotten off the bus to meet with the gypsy pastor, guides, and others who would be helping when a man stated that I looked familiar. He proceeded to ask if I had ever been in the Oradea, Romania jail. It happens that this man had been in the prison last year when I was there and he remembered me. I recognized him as one of two incarcerated men who had fallen to their knees surrendering to Jesus as Lord. We were happily reunited in the common bond of Christ!

Whether he lives in Andrid or was just their to help, I know not. What I do know is that God was using him in the complex task of interpreting English to Romanian to Hungarian. He was speaking Hungarian. He is pictured above in the red coat on the left. Lewis just relayed that as he reflected on that reunion he thought of the verse; “…I was in prison and you visited me…”.

An additional special reunion occurred just moments later with this man and his wife:20170311_230504

I had met them last year in the gypsy village of Vasaad. God had knit our hearts together in the short time we were there. We were already missing each other as the team was preparing to leave. I was hoping to see them when we returned to their village. Much to my delight they were in Andrid with the pastor to help us as guides! A joyous reunion indeed. And, Lord willing, I will see them again in their own village!