Our Faith

What We Believe

verseThe doctrine of our faith starts with a belief in a Higher Power, a creator God who spoke this world into existence. This God did not leave us without a guide but wrote a Book called the Bible to reveal Himself and His plan to us.

In the Bible, He tells us about His magnificent and perfect character. It is a character that is unlike ours in that He is so far superior to us it cannot be adequately put into words. The Bible also tells us of His desire to receive glory and fellowship from His created ones, but it continues on to tell us how that fellowship was ruined by sin. We learned that mankind rebelled against God’s law of which we are participants. The Bible continues, though, to tell us of the glorious gospel that makes a way for sinners like us to be declared righteous by God. God sent Himself to us in the form of His Son Jesus Christ who was the sinless substitute for us. He literally exhausted the wrath of God that you and I deserve.

God takes great pains to explain to us the way in which we might receive this free gift of salvation as God is ‘not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance’. Because of this we have the opportunity to receive eternal life in heaven and to enjoy an abundant life here on earth!

God in His Word then speaks to us in very powerful terms about our life in Him. He is passionate that His people represent Him here on this earth. The Bible is filled with teachings that are sufficient to the day in which we live!

God concludes with an intriguing summary of what we are to expect in future days. In this we realize that His people are on the winning side! Satan and all that His evil hand has wrought will one day bow at the power of Jesus Christ! How awesome is this!

God tells us that this life is but a vapor and that eternity awaits us. He promises a home in heaven to those who accept His offer of redemption. He also promises judgment for those who reject this offer of grace. In the end, each man and woman is presented with a choice. Life on earth began with God and it will be brought to an end by God. He is the Alpha and the Omega and His will is all that matters. What a travesty it is that many will not submit themselves to this Wonderful God of the Universe. Many have and will refuse His authority and will seek their own way. Sadly these poor souls will face the judgment that lies at the end of their chosen path of pride. Many, however, will bow their knee to the Savior and will humbly submit to Him and His will.

O What wonderful days await those who have been chosen by God to dwell with Him for all eternity! What joy is in store for those who acknowledge that Jesus Christ is indeed the way, the truth, and the life! These rich souls are in awe of the fact that a holy God would stoop to love a sin-filled person. This is indeed what makes God’s grace so amazing!