Why I Love Foundation For Hope!

“Brother Thomas, Warren Wiersbe, just saw the video of the work God’s doing in you and through you. Keep it going brother! Listen to the Lord. Let Him guide you. Let Him provide for you. Keep your ministry on a miracle basis, and let God have His way. We’ll be praying for you. Don’t let anything discourage you because God’s on the throne, and He’s going to win. God bless you! God be with you!” – Dr. Warren Wiersbe, Renowned Author and Bible Teacher – Lincoln, Nebraska

“Lewis and Mary Thomas love the Lord and have a passion to reach the lost for Christ. God has given them a special burden for the Romanian people. For many years they have annually led short-term mission teams to minister in Romania from village evangelism to orphanages. There are thousands of villages in Romania without a gospel witness. Romania is also strategically located to reach dozens of unreached people groups in the former Soviet Union. It is my joy to recommend them and their ministry to you.” – Dr. Jerry Kroll, Pastor Emeritus, Heritage Baptist Church – Lynchburg, Virginia

“I have known Lewis and Mary Thomas for many years. When they asked my family and me to join them in ministry in Romania through Foundation for Hope, we immediately knew it was from God. The ministry through Foundation For Hope is phenomenal. To have the privilege to minister to orphans, elderly, and people in various villages, as well as to some who are abandoned and mentally challenged, is something everyone should experience. Our lives have been impacted in tremendous ways, and we have been given an increased vision to share the Gospel with those who have such great need of Jesus Christ.” – Pastor Bruce Goldsmith, Laurel Hill Baptist Church – Charlottesville, Virginia

“Lewis & Mary Thomas invited our family to go with them to minister in Romania.  The trip was well organized, enjoyable, and the purpose was clearly in view.  The Lord has given the Thomas’s a burden for the people of Romania.  They not only desire to help them physically by giving them some of the simple necessities of life, but more importantly, their primary desire is to help them spiritually by sharing the wonderful news of the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.  The respect they have for these people and the love they have in their hearts clearly shows in the way they conduct the trips.  May the Lord give them continued fruit for their labor of love.” – Pastor Greg Rogers, Grace Memorial Baptist Church – Bedford, Virginia

“Some years ago, my husband and I joined the Thomas’ in their Foundation For Hope ministry to the Romanian people. Initially we didn’t know what to expect, but quickly discovered that not only was this wonderful ministry a blessing to the Romanian people, but it was a tremendous blessing for us to be a part of it! We were welcomed into many village homes, and it was a joy to see God move in people’s hearts! We were privileged to serve with Lewis and Mary, the teams, interpreters and the gracious people at the host church. Whether sharing our testimony, singing songs, painting flowers on the faces of the precious children or giving bags of medicine and the gospel message to needy people, it was an absolute joy for us to participate in this wonderful ministry to the Romanian people!!” – Ted & Judi Terzakos – Forest, Virginia

“This was my first time on an overseas mission trip, and I was so privileged to be able to go. Never in my life have I seen the effects of sin and the depravity of man’s heart so blatantly, yet I got to see the love of God go deeper still. It is hard to try to put into words the extent to which we were able to see the Lord work, but I can say with absolute confidence and certainty that the God whom we serve is truly awesome! At many of the villages, different members of the team had opportunities to lead people to faith in Christ, and I was personally able to lead a ninety year-old abandoned woman to the Lord! How incredible God is! I was so blessed by all of the members of the team, the translators, and the local pastors, all of whom have genuine hearts for the Lord and seek to glorify His kingdom. Special thanks to you all who prayed for us while we were there. God did “far more abundantly than all that we asked or imagined” and I anxiously await the opportunity to return!” – Micah Blowers – Lincoln, Nebraska

“I thank God for the opportunity to be part of Foundation for Hope Romania.  A pastor once told me; “The secret to great joy is: never say no to God.”, so when God said go to Romania with Lewis and Mary Thomas and the team they had assembled, I was eager to do so.  My faith has been strengthened as I have watched God draw men and women, who are hungry for the truth, to Jesus – The Way, The Truth, and The Life.  I have been encouraged by the sacrificial offering of self, made by many who have founded ministries in Romania, as well as all those who tirelessly work to care for others for the glory of God.  I went with the intention of serving our Lord and hoping to be a blessing to others in Romania.  I returned blessed with a fresh perspective that I believe will remain with me forever, and cause me to serve with a greater fervor, evermore confident in the power of the Gospel.” Pastor Jay Roberts, Salt & Light Ministries Madison Heights, Virginia

“It has been my privilege to serve with Foundation for Hope for several years. I love how they serve the young, the old, the sick, the disabled and orphans, as well as pastors and their families. However, my favorite part is going into homes and being able to share the gospel face to face with the Romanian people.” – Darlene Lott – Lynchburg, Virginia

“My first exposure to Romania was with Mary and Lewis Thomas to dedicate a Baptist church in a village about 15 years ago. Nothing was ever the same again when it came to missions. The encouragement from those in the village was nothing I had ever witnessed before. Their love for God and the church far surpassed anything I had ever been a part of. Needless to say over the next few years, there were 10 other mission trips by me to Romania under the leadership of the Thomas family and their Foundation for Hope. The traveling teams experienced God’s grace, mercy and salvation while serving village churches, children’s hospitals, Bible studies, orphanages, homes for the elderly, clinics, etc. My trips to Romania are no longer. Having to deal with a terminal illness takes all my time and energy. While watching a “Gaither Homecoming” video just recently, one song that struck a chord with me included, “I then shall live as one who has been forgiven.” These are powerful words with a profound meaning. I hope to live out my life in this vein. This has basically come about because of my exposure to Romania and their culture, their love for God, and service to each other. Thank you, Mary and Lewis, for including me in your Romanian trips and letting me be just a small part of your missions in that part of the world. Your love for the Romanian people shines through your love for God, and my prayers are for you and your Foundation to continue the wonderful work you have started. God’s blessings to all.” – Shirley Fuller – Amherst, Virginia