Evening Church Services

A ministry day in each village culminates in an evangelistic evening service at the local church. The Foundation for Hope team conducts a service including greetings, special music, testimonies, and gospel preaching. After a full day of ministry in homes, to the children and ladies of a village, it is common to see the churches packed with people desirous to see and hear more from these people who have come to share Jesus. These services provide a powerful conclusion to a day of gospel ministry in a village. The evening services also provide additional exposure to the local church and its pastor. This is critical as Foundation for Hope seeks to partner with and serve these churches for gospel expansion in villages across western Romania.

March 2014 Evening Church Services

March 2015 Evening Church Services

March 2016 Evening Church Services

March 2017 Evening Church Services

March 2018 Evening Church Services

March 2019 Evening Church Services