By: Pastor Jay Roberts

How amazing and thrilling it is to know that God gave us the gift of music to enjoy and to worship Him with it. And, when we give music back to Him, He allows us to use it to minister to others and glorify Him.

My skills with a guitar are limited yet I enjoy playing to worship God and to sing songs that convey a message of hope and encouragement, as well as cause the listener to reflect on spiritual things.

God allowed multiple opportunities to use music for Him this most recent trip, not only for me but several others as well. A special opportunity was opened for me to team up with Nicolae (AKA: Nick) and Sorin for a night of ministry in the gypsy village of Ineu.

Sorin ministers to men in prison preparing for reentry. Nick leads worship in prison services as well as teaching people to play guitar. He has taught literally scores of youth, and adults too, to play.

Friday evening, March 17th, I accompanied Sorin and Nick, and Sorin’s daughter Damaris (also a guitar student of Nick) to Ineu. In route to the lesson to be followed by a church service we had to stop and pick up 3 other young men with their guitars. Had you seen the small car you would have thought this impossible. I thought Sorin was joking about picking up others. We each had our guitars wedged between our feet, standing on end, to fit them in.

After the initial lesson, conducted by Nick, was over, I was invited to share with the youth. This opportunity particularly because my guitar is a 12 string which appears to be somewhat of a novelty in Romania. I explained that its no harder to play than a 6 string – in fact I find it easier. The way it is tuned was demonstrated so they would understand why the sound is fuller. Then, together, we played God Is So Good in Romanian.

Whithersoever I went my guitar went with me. Bible School for children in multiple villages such as here in Vasaad:

Whether in use in church buildings, prison, Cighid, El Sadai ministry facility, or the numerous facilities for the abandoned elderly, the sound of music was a welcomed and effective gift.

Thank you God for The Sound Of Music!