The second team came on Tuesday night, and we just all settled in. On Wednesday we sorted supplies and went to a village that night to Pastor John’s church. We didn’t know it will only be 24 hours when we leave and flee Romania. Day by day we had to change our plans because of the Coronavirus and meetings were getting restricted to less than 100 people. Church services were getting canceled. Some of us stayed up to see what will happen on Wednesday night. It was 2 am when My dad came up and told us we would be leaving Monday morning since the borders were getting shut down. A few moments later, we all found out President Trump said people can’t leave Europe, and it would go into effect on Friday night. Then we hear the border will close soon very soon.  As we knew it, Ashley and Sukey are 6 minutes into sleep and we hear a knock at the door. It’s Leah and she told us we need to leave. We all rushed to get packed and then realized we didn’t need to leave for another hour. As we are getting ready to leave we all are also sad that we can’t stay and say goodbye to our friends in Romania. As we leave we realized “ what should we do?”. At 5 am we are out on the road, and once we get to Budapest, we drop my parents off and Mea at the airport to try to get our tickets to change. We head to Burger King and wait. Once we get my parents, we find out we can’t leave yet. We check into a hotel and realized what has just happened. This was a mission trip, but it didn’t feel like one. We were in a church service one night and then fleeing Romania the next day. We all wished we could either go straight home or stay and work for the Lord. If we stayed we couldn’t leave for at least 30 days. Once we are back we will need to self-quarantine for 14 days. I didn’t think this year’s mission trip would happen the way it happened, but like everyone, I am trusting the Lord that there is a plan as to why this happened to us. But He is good and there’s a reason for everything, we just need to wait for His answer. This is one trip I know none of us will forget, and there are so many memories this year, even if we haven’t stayed the whole 2 weeks.