One of my greatest joys in life is to see how God displays His glory in times I least expect it. Our journey to Romania this year has been amazing, to say the least. What we thought and planned for the trip completely changed.

We planned and believed that in spite of the coronavirus, we would come and share Jesus and His love with the people of Romania. We did get to do that one night, in a small village church. It was a great experience. But the trip was soon cut short by the announcement of the President.

I won’t go into the details of what all that meant, suffice it to say, we had to get home quickly or we were going to become permanent citizens of Romania. Or permanent temporary citizens.

But as God began to do as He always does, that is to put Himself on display, we have been able to see His hand all over this team and our journey.

The thing that keeps coming to mind is, no matter what is going on in life or what hardships or challenges we face, our determination must be to follow God by faith.

We have been reminded that God is the One who calls and God is the One who directs our paths. He is the One who determines our days on this earth and the events that come our way. And the greatest joy in it all is that even though Satan does many evil things, God always uses it for our good and His glory.

During times like this, it is easy to allow fear and anxiety to control us, we all feel that at times. But God has shown us many times over that we truly have nothing to worry about. He has us in the palm of His hand and will only allow things into our lives to grow us or perhaps take us home.

I would like to encourage any believer, that God has a perfect plan for our lives, and that plan will not be thwarted in any way. He will fulfill everything He has purposed to do in us and through us. Therefore we should never allow fear to dictate to us. In fact, to live in fear, which often masks itself in intelligence, often is Satans way of keeping us from following God. I’m not talking about being unwise and not being careful, but both wise and careful while walking with God through the things that cause us to fear.

I have been reminded on this trip that what appears to be a great tragedy or fear is often God’s way of bringing the greatest good and joy to us and from us.