Praising God for another wonderful trip to Romania with FFH. Once again, as ordinary people we were blessed to experience His extraordinary grace. I want to record a couple of highlights here:
1) It’s always an absolute joy to minister the gospel in the gypsy villages. We were able to be in at least six gypsy villages during our time and had the privilege ministering to hundreds of gypsy people. The pastor we work with let us know that he is planning an upcoming baptism service for the 10+ people that have professed faith in Christ as Savior over the last week! Praise HIm!
2) Pastor Cosmin Marc (a true man of God and always a favorite for our team) shared how God impacted his heart while we were at a home for special needs orphans. He told of how a particular brother at the orphanage asked him, “Cosmin, do you love me?” He asked him this question three separate times over the 90 minutes that we were there, and of course, his mind went to our Lord’s interaction with Peter. The latter two times, Cosmin knew that it wasn’t just this brother who was asking…it was Christ. He shared how it was a challenge to his heart to care for His people – especially those with these kind of needs.

These are just two stories among dozens I could tell of how God worked IN and THROUGH us this year. What a blessing! Ordinary people…Extraordinary GRACE. Praise His Name!