This year was different than most years. We didn’t do as many vbs, or woman’s ministry’s or home visits as we usually do. We did more villages church services. Well this year was also different for me. As I’m now am an adult I was able to connect better to some of our translators and people that came with us. Some of us would go to the mall and get Starbucks and be there for a few hours just talking about the trip and about what’s been going on at home. But we all agreed that this year was amazing and it’s amazing to see what God put us threw to help people in Romania. We saw miracle after miracle this year. When me, my parents, cookie and meea, and Kailey, arrived in Romania March 3, we didn’t have any guitars. After 2-3 days we found one guitar, but we had 4 people who needed a guitar. We asked Pastor Dustin, and my brother, Timmy to bring one as we didn’t know if our old ones would show up mid trip. March 6 we decided we needed to buy a few guitars. We bought one for me and one for anyone else to use. Well, March 7, Dustin, Timmy, and Wynn all show up with guitars. Now we have 6 guitars! What a miracle! Another miracle was translators. Before the trip started we were told we would have some people helping us. We got to Romania and we had no translators at all. I connected to a few of our friends who have helped us in the past. Well Andra helped us and she got a few people to help. Then meea cousin helped some. On a Friday night we did a youth event at Hope Church. Afterwards some people came to us wanting to help. At the end of the trip we had around 10 translators helping us day by day! What a praise to a prayer! As we were leaving Friday night, one of our new translators started to almost cry saying goodbye. Reason being is because theses trips we don’t just go for the work, we go for the family. These trips we create such a wonderful family that non of us want to leave one another. The group that went to Starbucks almost everyday, we all connected more this year in such a family way and we all agreed that we would all miss each other at the end of the trip. As I was saying goodbye to one of my greatest friends from Romania on Friday night, we figured out that theses trips every year get a little harder to leave, because we all become more and more of a family, if it’s sharing our hearts on the back of the bus coming from a late night in a village, or if it’s all of us sitting at the table playing catchphrase, ( one of our favorite games we play) we get to know one another more and more each year. And that’s incredibly special to all of us that come every year. In the airport in Chicago, a few of us went to go get some food. While we were eating, we got asked the question if Romania comes up at all when we are home. Me and another person who comes every year both said yes. It comes up all the time at home. Romania isn’t just a 2 week thing, it’s a 12 month ministry.