We arrived Tuesday evening and were warmly welcomed by the rest of the 2024 team and Noble House staff. Since Wednesday morning, we have been busy in the mission field. First, we sorted the medicine bags, and women’s bags to be handed out to different villages while we are here. Wednesday evening we attended a church service at a newly planted church about an hour away from where we are staying in Romania. We sang worship songs and several people shared messages.

Today, we were blessed to visit with Ukrainian refugees that fled from their homes due to the Russian invasion. I did my best to share an encouraging message with the women. I shared of God’s love for us and how much peace it can bring to a weary soul to choose to have faith in what Jesus did on the cross for us. By grace we are saved through faith. It was probably more difficult than I anticipated, and I have spent a lot of time in prayer for this opportunity. There was a story of sadness in the eyes of the Ukrainian refugees and the person that ran the facility shared how hate had driven these poor people from their homes, their lives. They were so grateful to have us come and share a message of hope and love with them, but the blessing was surely ours.

Afterwards, we hit the ground in a nearby village, knocking on doors and inviting others to a small Baptist church nearby. When I say small, I mean small, like really small. But as small as the church was, God moved in very big ways. Pastor Bruce shared a wonderful message from Revelations, about God knocking on the door of our hearts. There was a group of older men who seemed to cling to his every word. There was also a family with 4 sons in attendance. Chris shared bracelets with the kids and taught them how God washes away our sin and offers us a new life in Christ. The children were very excited for the simple bracelet, looking back and forth at Chris and the bracelets as he shared the message.

I’ve never quite experienced God in this way. It’s been a very emotional time and we’ve only just begun. We appreciate your continued prayers that we will glorify God in all we do over the next week. I also ask that you pray for our health, as several of us are dealing with lingering colds and allergies. Pray that our children’s hearts are moved and that they leave Romania with a passion to spread the Gospel as often as possible.