This expression is used a lot in regards to raising kids, but this week has shown me that there are a lot of other cases where this is true as well. It is easy to get caught up with who is “in charge” of what activity we are doing each day; or to even think we are somehow “needed” in a certain capacity. God, however, uses people that are willing to serve Him, not those who feel like God needs them. VBS these last couple weeks has been awesome, but it has nothing to do with the ones “running” VBS. The team members who have stepped up to help have made it far more effective than any one person could do. With the amount of kids we have had (over 100 today in the village), the only way to accomplish anything is having faithful people step into the situation and serve however God would have them. The amount of conversations generated by simply showing care to these precious little ones is incredible. The members of the team this year are awesome about finding ways to communicate with the kids, whether it’s by finding a translator or simply pointing or using sign language. The kids don’t care that we can’t speak their language, but they do care that we love them and want to get to know them. It is so easy to get tied to a “schedule” and try to get through a certain set of objectives, but the most effective ministry we have had with these kids is a simple smile, hug, or expression of love. Jesus modeled this for us as He took time to sit with children and spend time showing them His love, even to the point where His disciples thought He was wasting too much time. Jesus, however, didn’t see the children as a waste of time, but rather as His creations that were worth every minute He could spend with them. The kids we get to interact with in Romania, whether it’s a gypsy village or not, are also His creations and worth every minute we get to spend with them. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve these beautiful children alongside such a loving and caring team. None of this would be possible, either, without the help of my wife who cares so well for our 4 little ones so I can spend time with the Romanian children.