Today, the team headed to Dumbrava to witness to the elderly and abandoned. I’ve heard Lewis Thomas talk about this special ministry several times over the last few years, but actually seeing it today made a special impact on my heart. It was such Godly experience.

The man that oversees the residents in Dumbrava started his ministry 18 years ago. He said that he had two extra rooms in his home and he knew he wanted to do God’s work with the extra space, but he wasn’t sure what to do. One night he was watching the news, and he heard about two elderly people that had frozen in the cold because they had no place to live. He said he felt God telling him that this is what he needed to be doing, taking in these type of people. At first he struggled with doubt on how he might have the means to care for them, but God told him not to worry about that, just take them in. Today, 18 years later, God has provided the means for him to care for nearly 3000 residents. 3000 elderly, or mentally disadvantaged people that literally had nowhere else to go. He does not get government funding or funding from large corporations, all funding comes from God through believers. Isn’t that amazing?

The facilities were beautiful and God blessed us with a perfect weather day. There were beautiful areas outside for the residents so that they can get fresh air on beautiful days like today. He is currently working to offer the residents more day time activities where they can socialize with each other. I have no doubt God will provide all that is needed for this next step in the ministry.

I had the pleasure of serving with Tim, Alina and Maria. We sang songs like Sanctuary and Amazing Grace, shared the gospel and prayed with them. In one room, after we finished singing an 88 year old women told us she was blind but she could hear us and wanted to sing a song for us. She sang in Romanian and it was so beautiful. The Holy Spirit was present in a way I’ve not felt many times in my life. I’m overwhelmed with how much God is doing in this ministry. I hope you will take time to pray for Dumbrava and to thank God for what he is doing there.