For those who have served the Lord in missions in other countries or even in the US, you will know and understand that God makes His glory known greatly. As we have been doing all we know to minister to the lives of the Romanian people it can seem somewhat overwhelming and often like the work is a drop in the bucket in reaching souls. However, I am reminded as I look into the eyes of orphans and those who are hurting so badly that in some way God receives glory from it all. For us, it appears that God is missing when you hold a young six-year-old in an orphanage or when you see children lying in beds who have been abandoned due to deformities. But how quickly we are reminded that to such as these belongs the Kingdom of heaven. It is our responsibility to take those hurting people, young and old, and do all we can to make their lives better. I believe God gives us these people to remind us of our blessings but also as a form of testing for us. For those who have been given so much, it is our responsibility to love much and to share what we have been given. There is much required from those who have been so blessed. That may mean simply taking time to go see the hurting and less fortunate and using our simple resources, such as a sweet, loving smile or a kind word to encourage and support them. Praise God for His ability and desire to transform the brokenhearted and the heart that is hardened and willfully blinded to the needs of the world. May our prayers always be for mercy and grace to proclaim Him wherever we are in this world and to make His glory known from our lives.