March 2014 Trip

Remembering ministry in Romania

By :Rev. Jay Roberts / Staff Evangelist – Hope Aglow Prison Ministries, Inc.

The opportunity I had to serve with Foundation for Hope in Romania was a blessing, and a privilege.  It never ceases to amaze me how God ministers to us when we attempt to let Him minister to others through us.  My participation in Foundation for Hope Romania 2014 proved to be such an experience in multiple ways.

Most of the ministry I am involved in takes place in Virginia state prisons as Staff Evangelist with Hope Aglow Ministries, Inc.   We do have the privilege from time to time to share ministry in […]

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Cighid Memorial Cemetery

I went on a missions trip to Romania over Spring break, and while we were there our team visited the Cighid Memorial Cemetery. Cighid was an orphanage for special needs children during the communist regime of Nicolas Ceausescu. Instead of caring for the children, the staff severely abused and neglected the children turning the place into a death trap. Each child was only given 1 piece of bread, a bowl of thin gruel, and water a day, and the older and stronger children often stole food from the younger and weaker children leaving them starving. 123 children […]

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Language of the heart

by Jay Roberts

Thursday, March 13 – Cighid

Today was a very special day. We went to an orphanage for abandoned children, a facility that is now home for many mentally challenged adults persons. Some are also physically challenged. This was a challenge for me as Elizabeth and I have ministered before at the Lynchburg training center. What was then and I felt would be particularly hard for me is when these folks attempt to communicate with me and I cannot understand them. Some just make chattering sounds, some just look and make various noises or touch a lot. Why it […]

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Stories of His Grace (part 2)

By Dustin Rogers

As I stated in my previous post, God allowed us to hear a few amazing stories that caused us all to sit back in awe of our God. He is infinitely great and thoroughly good! May the following story inspire your view of God and your faith in Him.

Story # 2: The Prayer of Faith

One of the team’s favorite villages to minister in is the village of Brusturi. It is not a favorite because of its openness to receive the gospel or because it has been especially fruitful. I’d say that it is a favorite because […]

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Short update

By Laura Boyer

Awesome, powerful last few days here. I’ll let Dustin and others explain in detail, but we have seen so many pictures of God’s grace in the lives of people here. Hearing stories of answered prayers and transformed lives makes me stand in awe once again of the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have seen precious servants of Christ reaching out to the orphans, widows, and the helpless and giving their entire lives to serve them and bring the Good News of the Gospel to them. Yesterday in Tinca I saw the greatest poverty I’ve […]

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Stories of His Grace (Part 1)

By Dustin Rogers

The last three days have filled my heart and my pen with stories of God’s amazing grace. These stories have reminded me of the power of God, His gospel, and the continuation of His work in our day. The God who parted the Red Sea and brought forth water from a rock is still at work and is still intent upon showing His people that “nothing is too hard” for Him. Moreover, these stories have opened my eyes to the weakness of my faith and to my pint-sized sacrifices.

Ultimately, the stories I’m about to tell have […]

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Touching the untouchables?

By Jay Roberts

Wednesday, March 12, we had the privilege of ministering in two areas. One was in Dumbrava where God had led a man to take homeless elderly people into his home and he founded a ministry that takes in folks who are ejected from the hospital, are sick, injured and there are no other places for them. He said the provision is minimum at best in the way of shelter, clothing, food, and basic needs. Some are mentally challenged and others are physically challenged. Some are both. We went room to room sharing a song, shaking hands, hugging, […]

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The Power of the Gospel

By Jay Roberts

Tuesday March 11 – Thanks so much for all of your prayers. God is answering. Today our teams split up and covered two villages. My team was one dropped off in the village of Sacadat while the other teams went to Brusturi. On a previous missions trip the teams were not received well in Sacadat. We learned that the local priest who had been involved in witchcraft had ordered the people not to receive the Christians. God has not given us a Spirit of fear but of power and a sound mind to the pulling down of […]

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Oradea Prison

By Jay Roberts

Sunday, March 9 God answered the prayers of many people by opening the door for my entrance to minister in the prison in Oradea this morning. Nicu (“Nick” in English) gave me a ride to the prison where we met three other local men from the church with whom we’d share the time in ministry. Nick was my interpreter and it was truly a blessing to have him by my side sharing the gospel. Working with interpreters has certainly served to provide a humbling perspective as to how insignificant we each are on our own. How clearly […]

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Speak for HIM

By Paul Oana

Hello, my name is Paul Oana and i had the wonderful opportunity to be an interpret in this ministry for the last three years.
Today we had a very special day ministering in the village of Tinca. We have done home visits, Children`s Bible Schools, Ladies Ministry, and church service.

I`d like to take a few minutes to tell you about a special young men that we met today in his home. We was about 25 years old and we just reminded him about the message of salvation and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He understood everything and […]

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