Awesome, powerful last few days here. I’ll let Dustin and others explain in detail, but we have seen so many pictures of God’s grace in the lives of people here. Hearing stories of answered prayers and transformed lives makes me stand in awe once again of the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have seen precious servants of Christ reaching out to the orphans, widows, and the helpless and giving their entire lives to serve them and bring the Good News of the Gospel to them. Yesterday in Tinca I saw the greatest poverty I’ve ever seen in Romania…it was truly overwhelming and heartbreaking-yet there too God is st work through His servant brother Gabri and his family, and it was a humbling privilege to stand alongside our gypsy brothers and sisters in Christ in serving as ambassadors of Christ together. My heart is full. Today we visited Cighid, a place that, under Communism, was basically used as a death camp for orphans and disabled children. The cruelties perpetrated there are unbelievable, and a mass grave stands as a silent witness of the heinous effects of sin. Today, many of the residents of Cighid (which is now a home for the disabled) are those who were children back then, who have suffered (and probably caused suffering to the weaker ones who died), beyond comprehension. We had the blessing today to love them, play with them, sing with them, and share with them the love of Jesus Christ. Afterward, we placed flowers on the graves of those who died as a way of honoring their memory and as a reminder of the grace that has been lavished upon us by our Savior. There is far too much to write, so I shall give up for now and get some rest. I thank God for the powerful ways He is at work in the country of Romania.