Hello, my name is Paul Oana and I had the wonderful opportunity to be an interpreter in this ministry for the last three years.
Today we had a very special day ministering in the village of Tinca. We have done home visits, Children`s Bible Schools, Ladies Ministry, and church service.

I`d like to take a few minutes to tell you about a special young man that we met today in his home. We were about 25 years old and we just reminded him about the message of salvation and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He understood everything and expressed his desire to know more about God and His Son. Pastor Dustin Rogers would lead him into the story of Nicodemus and explained to him what it means to be born again. Even though he wanted to accept Jesus and to have his sins forgiven, he confessed that something still holds him back. He subtly referred to his friends and neighbors that mocks and makes fun of him every time he goes to the church. Just a few moments later one of his friends entered the house and told him some discouragement words and laughed at him.

Right then I realized again how important are people around us and how easy can someone`s words influence the people around us. That is why I have a responsibility to encourage my friends and those around me to develop a personal relationship with God. Most likely they have people in their life that discourage them and try to make him not believe in God. We as Christians must talk more about what Jesus has done for us and present to the world the Gospel.

May God bless everyone with the courage to speak for Him.