Wednesday, March 12, we had the privilege of ministering in two areas. One was in Dumbrava where God had led a man to take homeless elderly people into his home and he founded a ministry that takes in folks who are ejected from the hospital, are sick, injured and there are no other places for them. He said the provision is minimum at best in the way of shelter, clothing, food, and basic needs. Some are mentally challenged and others are physically challenged. Some are both. We went room to room sharing a song, shaking hands, hugging, sharing songs and praying with them. I do not know who many visitors these folks may get but I do kno2w they loved having people care enough to come and really appreciated what little we did in the name of our Lord Jesus. They smiled when told that Jesus had sent us to remind them how special they are to Him. In one of the first rooms we went to I asked an elderly man who was a resident if I could take a picture with him. He was sitting up in bed for the music and when asked about a picture he scooted over and patted the edge of his bed for me to sit beside him. Appreciation is written all over his face and I will treasure the picture. We had time for multiple songs in a courtyard with many residents at once where I was blessed to receive a kiss on the cheek from one elderly woman.

This man’s ministry is not supported by the government and they live solely by what God sends to them. Local farmers donate produce which is but one example of how God provides. Through seeing and hearing the stories of this ministry as well as the orphanage we visited previously I realized today that what I thought I have given up to serve the Lord is nothing in comparison to the sacrifices of those in these ministries. It is my opinion that there may be very few who truly comprehend what it means to sacrifice and live by faith to serve the Lord Jesus on the level these men have demonstrated. They are good examples of the Church being the Church in that they see a need and step up to the plate to meet it motivated by hearts of compassion and love for both God and mankind.

The second place we went was the Gypsy village of Tinca. We went door to door sharing the good news that Jesus had paid the price for all sins of all mankind and that we must surrender to Him and accept His gift of salvation which he paid for with His own blood to make it free to us. Again, there were several who prayed to receive the Lord Jesus today including three at our last stop.

Bible school was a riot! probably well over 100 children and they loved having people teach them songs and play with them as well as tell bible stories. While the older children were playing various games I remained with the smaller ones. A girl of approximately five years of age led another girl, perhaps aged three years, in my direction. the younger was crying and holding out her hand. When I motioned for them to come to me I saw that the younger had a scratch on her hand. I showed her my finger which I had cut the day before. Though we could not understand each other verbally due to the language barrier I still told her that God had designed our bodies to heal themselves and then showed her that when I pressed on my healing cut – it did not hurt. Then I kissed my fingertip and placed it on her scratch. The older girl first just looked at me funny then smiled really big. The younger reached her arms up to be held. After that, I was thronged by the little ones wanting to be picked up and they enjoyed being tossed in the air. Amazing the fun we had together even though we could not understand each other.

We shared in an evening service after which the Gypsy pastor (who pastors churches in three villages by the way) was very emotional in thanking us for coming. The pastor’s conference had ministered to him and he said that we had reached out and touched the untouchables as the Gypsy people are treated as outcasts and untouchables as no one wants to have anything to do with them. How touched we were. God has made of one blood all the nations of the earth and He loves them as much as he does any other people group. Indeed they are not untouchable! We had the privilege of seeing God touch them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We were afforded the privilege of shaking their hands, playing with their children and hugging them and they had touched my heart deeply in return.

One God – One race (the human race) – one body – one Lord and Savior for us all.