Our annual pastors’ conference was held today with a breakout session for the pastors’ wives.

I had the privilege to speak to the ladies. As a pastor’s wife myself, I can identify with these ladies’ struggles. What a blessing to be able to share with the ladies and encourage them to add to their faith – virtue, to virtue – knowledge, to knowledge – self-control, to self-control – patience, to patience – godliness, to godliness – brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness – love. For those times when we are wounded by others, this progression allows us to treat the wounders properly as Jesus would because Jesus, and only Jesus can help us work through these times.

A highlight today was listening to dear, sweet Darlene as she shared her diagnosis of ALS.  What a joy to hear her speak genuinely of her hope in Christ in the midst of her disease!

In Christ Alone,

Debbie Goldsmith