March 2015 Trip

We cannot straddle the fence!

While visiting an orphanage in Oradea, FFH Founder and Leader, Lewis Thomas, gave a spontaneous challenge to our team. It was a challenge that all of us needed to hear and could stand to hear regularly. It was a message so clearly from brother Lewis’ heart and one that embodies the foundation he leads. My heart was moved…perhaps yours will be as well.

I was able to capture part of it on video and so I am able to quote him verbatim. Here is what he said:

“There is no middle ground, friends. You cannot be in neutral. You are either […]

Life changing missions

With each day as the ministry reached out to the elderly, the orphans, the mentally, physically ill, and the lost. I was impacted each day with the love of Christ. People are grateful for us to reach out with love, compassion, and sharing the gospel. I witnessed many coming to know the Lord. I witnessed the emotional process as people realize how much they need Christ, and how they are now free.

I was impacted as much as the people we ministered to knowing how much God has changed me and continuing to mold me each and every day. It […]

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How to find true joy

At the testimony time on the last night of the trip, Pastor Dustin shared with the group a big component to finding true joy. He referenced Mrs. Darlene, who, despite medical issues, still made the trip this year. Instead of sitting back and being pampered, she decided to spend her time serving her Savior. It was obvious to everyone on the trip that she was experiencing true joy throughout this trial. Despite difficult circumstances, she showed that a life focused on the Lord and sharing Him with others is the life that brings true joy. It was a challenge […]

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God’s faithfulness to every generation

God has indeed shown Himself mighty in every opportunity to serve Him during this ministry trip.   I could expound on every such opportunity and only echo the posts of others or even my own from last year therefor I have been asking God to reveal what has amazed me most this year.

What has captured my attentione and amazed me most on the trip this year was not in the the ministry in villages, impoverished or otherwise.  It was not in the homes for special needs people or the abandoned or in ministering to hospice patients.   All of […]

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Tuesday and Wednesday-Dumbrava and Village Days

These past few days have been completely full; full of opportunities to serve and to minister as a team, full of poverty and physical needs, full of illness and difficult lives, full of children and abandoned elderly to love, and full of ‘sheep without a shepherd’-lost souls whose greatest need is Christ. What a humbling privilege it is to be used as instruments in the hand of our Savior to shine light into darkness and share the hope of the Gospel and the love of Christ with the hopeless and the unloved.

Tuesday and Wednesday were both village days; Tuesday […]

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An unexpected opportunity!

God does work in mysterious ways. Yesterday, by divine appointment, I met the cousin of my interpreter for the prison service. Conversation revealed that he is a doctor with hospice. I am a 33 year cancer survivor with experience as a hospice chaplain. As a result an invitation was extended for me to visit a couple of patients with him today.

 The first one and his wife are pondering the gospel before making a decision.   

Praise God the second man prayed for forgiveness, surrendering to Jesus as Lord.    He showed us his goosebumps afterward that he got when saved! […]

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Needy or meeting needs?

Our annual trip to Dumbrava simply broke my heart.  I stand amazed at Brother Viorel and his wife for their diligence in answering God’s call on their lives and meeting the needs of the over 160 souls who have been placed in their care.

It was simply amazing to talk with some of the residents, let others run their fingers through my hair, and sing – loudly, I might add – some old, faith-filled hymns together with Dustin and Jay.  I was humbled as my husband clearly presented the gospel to those who would listen, led them in a sinner’s […]

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A Day of Encouragement

On Saturday at Emmanuel Baptist Church a Pastor’s conference was held for surrounding church pastor’s and their wives. It was a very moving event where I witnessed a special time of encouragement. These are the people who preach the sermon and watch over their sheep. I could see how touched they were by the testimony and fellowship, with some having tears in their eyes. It reminded me of how we do need to tell our Pastor’s how the message they preach  touches us and encourages us to be closer to God and to live a holy life. They are […]

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Pastors’ Wives Meeting

Our annual pastors’ conference was held today with a breakout session for the pastors’ wives.

I had the privilege to speak to the ladies. As a pastor’s wife myself, I can identify with these ladies’ struggles. What a blessing to be able to share with the ladies and encourage them to add to their faith – virtue, to virtue – knowledge, to knowledge – self control, to self control – patience, to patience – godliness, to godliness – brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness – love. For those times when we are wounded by others, this progression allows us to […]

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A wonderful experience in the villages

My first trip to Romania. The experience of going to the Gypsy villages of Osand and Gurbediu, I found to be very humbling. The people were very receptive to our visit, graciously opening their homes for us to share the gospel. These of course are very poor communities, but you can see as they listen to the Gospel of Jesus being shared they have a need for his love and salvation. The day spent with the children was so uplifting. They loved singing the songs and sharing time. The services held in the villages were packed! Many seeds have […]

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