With each day as the ministry reached out to the elderly, the orphans, the mentally, physically ill, and the lost. I was impacted each day with the love of Christ. People are grateful for us to reach out with love, compassion, and sharing the gospel. I witnessed many coming to know the Lord. I witnessed the emotional process as people realize how much they need Christ, and how they are now free.

I was impacted as much as the people we ministered to knowing how much God has changed me and continues to mold me each and every day. It is what Christ has called us to do. It has taught me to be bold and to continue his calling where ever I may be.

I look forward to returning to Romania next year to continue the work this ministry has such a passion for. My life has been impacted beyond expression, and I am grateful for the Lord calling me, and thankful I listened to him and followed. May God continue to bless this ministry, and the Thomas family. God hears the pleas of the lost and water the seeds that have been planted.