God does work in mysterious ways. Yesterday, by divine appointment, I met the cousin of my interpreter for the prison service. The conversation revealed that he is a doctor with hospice. I am a 33-year cancer survivor with experience as a hospice chaplain. As a result, an invitation was extended for me to visit a couple of patients with him today.

 The first one and his wife are pondering the gospel before making a decision.   

Praise God the second man prayed for forgiveness, surrendering to Jesus as Lord.    He showed us his goosebumps afterward that he got when saved!    The parting was bittersweet as God knit our hearts together in that short time and we knew we would most likely not meet again here on this earth, as his time is very short, yet we know we will have all eternity together in heaven now.

I am reminded of Romans 8:28,29.   As unpleasant as my experience with cancer and the treatments for it were, I can see how God has been able to turn even the “bad” around for good.