March 2015 Trip

Awesome Day in the Gypsy Village

This was the first day of village ministry. We had a wonderful time going from home to home sharing the love of Christ. It turned out that our team visited at least six homes. One of the homes was a non-believing family. We spent time telling them about the Lord and it seemed as if the father was sensitive to the truth. I pray that the Lord opened them to the Gospel. It will not be good for those who reject the truth. Tomorrow we will spend time preparing for the pastors’ conference. At this point we have 175 […]

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And so it begins….

Greetings from Romania!
Team B has arrived safely, and we are looking forward to all that the ministry that the Lord has prepared for our next two weeks. It is wonderful to be back in this country and with the people we have grown to love so much.

It is exciting to see what a diverse team the Lord has brought together this year, with people from all different age ranges, personalities and backgrounds. I pray that He will use us to encourage, teach and grow one another even as we seek to minister to those around us.

Please pray that Christ […]

Romania Trip – 2015

Pray for God to break our hearts for the orphan, the widow, the abandoned, the poor, the broken, and the lost.

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