At the testimony time on the last night of the trip, Pastor Dustin shared with the group a big component to finding true joy. He referenced Mrs. Darlene, who, despite medical issues, still made the trip this year. Instead of sitting back and being pampered, she decided to spend her time serving her Savior. It was obvious to everyone on the trip that she was experiencing true joy throughout this trial. Despite difficult circumstances, she showed that a life focused on the Lord and sharing Him with others is the life that brings true joy. It was a challenge to all of us to take our eyes off of ourselves and our little worlds and to turn our eyes to the One who gave it all for us. It is so easy to get caught up in what is going on in our own little worlds and to focus on improving our own circumstances thinking this is what will bring us true joy. Mrs. Darlene, however, has shown us something completely different: focusing your eyes on Jesus Christ and following Him is the path to true joy