God has indeed shown Himself mighty in every opportunity to serve Him during this ministry trip.   I could expound on every such opportunity and only echo the posts of others or even my own from last year therefore I have been asking God to reveal what has amazed me most this year.

What has captured my attention and amazed me most on the trip this year was not in the ministry in villages, impoverished or otherwise.  It was not in the homes for special needs people or the abandoned or in ministering to hospice patients.   All of these were indeed a joy to be involved in.   What blessed me more profoundly this year is the hearts of the young people.  There was ministry taking place on the bus in a conversation between those in the generation after my own.   I listened as words of encouragement and exhortation were spoken from one young person to another and their ministry to one another was a source of great joy.

How comforting to get a glimpse of God’s faithfulness to the “next” generation!