So much has happened it is hard to tell in a short post. God has made Himself known in so many ways. From the time we started in the airport in Charlottesville when all the internet was down in the entire county so we had to check in by hand which caused our luggage to be lost for a day. As a result we had to check in on our phones even though it did nothing. When we got to Romania Lewis was sick for a few days and several other things happened. Oh, did I mention that my mom fell and broke her hip the day before. She had surgery the day we left. However, with all that said, we have seen God do amazing things in all of our lives but also in the lives of many other people. There have been decisions for Christ and very powerful messages delivered.
One of the highlights was in Satu Mare where we visited an orphanage. During conversation the Pastor told me that he has learned more than ever to simply relay on the Lord for daily provision for the children. That night they were behind on some debt but when we got to the hotel the manager said if we would give the money we were going to spend on the hotel to the orphanage she would not charge us. It turns out that she was in the service we had just done in the church were the orphans attend. We were shocked but realized this is our God. Only God can do the impossible in man’s eyes. He is the God who parts the sea for the Hebrews to pass through. The God who makes axe heads float. The God who raises the dead and makes the blind to see. Only our God can do such things. We are greatly indebted to Him and praise Him for rescuing us from the darkness. (Col 1:13)