March 2016 Trip

Only Our God – Bruce Goldsmith

So much has happened it is hard to tell in a short post. God has made Himself known in so many ways. From the time we started in the airport in Charlottesville when all the internet was down in the entire county so we had to check in by hand which caused our luggage to be lost for a day. As a result we had to check in on our phones even though it did nothing. When we got to Romania Lewis was sick for a few days and several other things happened. Oh, did I mention that my […]

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Visit to a Children’s Home near Oradea

By Dave Rainey

This afternoon we went to visit a children’s home. This home was much different from the last home we visited – not because the children weren’t receiving care, but because all of the children were profoundly disabled. I can’t really describe my feelings when I walked in. My daughter, Esther was sitting down beside one boy who was 7 years old but was the size of a 1-2 year old. He couldn’t walk or crawl on his own and had to be carried. Many children could not walk without assistance. Others were confined to their beds. […]

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Pastor’s Conference

By: Timothy Thomas

Today we had the privilege of hosting the 4th annual Foundation For Hope’s Pastor’s Conference at Emanuel Baptist Church in Oradea, Romania. This has been one of the highlights of the trip for me the last few trips that I was a part of. It is so encouraging to see the body of Christ come together and unite with one another. There are a number of reasons why I thoroughly enjoy this part of the ministry, but I will outline just a few.

1) The Ministry to Pastor’s – Many of the pastors that come to the conference […]

Final Team – Safe Arrival

By: Timothy Thomas

The last team made it safely to Romania yesterday. We are excited that everyone is here and ready to serve the Lord together. Thanks for all of the prayers!

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Pressing onward in spite of opposition

By: J. Roberts

Let me start by saying that I know God has declared that His Word will never return void but will always accomplish the purpose for which He sends it forth. For me personally (based on experience) a prime indicator that a particular ministry endeavor will be very fruitful is the extent to which Satan will put forth attempting to thwart the mission by running interference. Some of the things I share with you now are not to give him any glory whatsoever but rather to show you that he is at work against God’s […]

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When orphans become adults

By: J. Roberts
As a result of previous visits to an orphanage here in Romania I had learned that once an orphan reached the age of 18 they had to leave and I was curious as to what happens next in their life’s journey. An invitation had been extended to me to minister in a facility provided through the foundation El-Sadai at which I would learn the answer to that question.
once an orphan reaches the age of 18 if they continue some form of formal education they may continue to live in the facility and be assisted with health needs. […]

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Another Safe Arrival

By: Timothy Thomas

The team that was scheduled to arrive today got here safely. Praise the Lord for His travel mercies! Some of the luggage did not make it yet, but it is scheduled to be delivered to us tomorrow. Everyone is in good spirits and ready to serve together here in Romania. I am looking forward to seeing what God has planned for us this trip and know that He has a plan for each and every one of us. Please continue to pray that God leads us as we serve Him here and that He will be exalted […]

First Team – Safe Arrival

By: Timothy Thomas

The first team has made it safely to Romania. We are looking forward to the other two teams arriving in the days to come. As we start off this trip, I would like to ask for a few prayers:

Pray for God to do a mighty work in and through each team member’s life.

Pray for safety. There will be a lot of traveling this trip, not just from the US to here, but also throughout Romania.

Pray for open hearts of those that we minister to, as well as our own.

Pray for unity.

Pray for each team member to go home with […]

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