This afternoon we went to visit a children’s home. This home was much different from the last home we visited – not because the children weren’t receiving care, but because all of the children were profoundly disabled. I can’t really describe my feelings when I walked in. My daughter, Esther was sitting down beside one boy who was 7 years old but was the size of a 1-2-year-old. He couldn’t walk or crawl on his own and had to be carried. Many children could not walk without assistance. Others were confined to their beds. Team members held hands with the children and prayed with them. One team member sang quietly to a boy confined to his bed. Some walked hand in hand with the children who were able to walk. Other team members cheered on a young lady who was eager to travel the halls using her walker. The whole team sang to them in Romanian and English.

When I first saw the children, I didn’t know how to react. The World would say that these children are worthless – that they are to be despised and shuffled away where we don’t have to look at them. My natural reaction might have been just the same, but I can’t turn away. When I see these children, I see sin. Not their sin. Not any specific sin. I see all of our sin and our sins’ effect on God’s perfect creation. Sin has twisted all of creation. These children just experience it more than most of us do. At the same time, there were spots of beauty in what we saw: The beauty of the smiles that came when we held hands with the children, the beauty of the small accomplishments we saw and cheered, the beauty of the sacrifices of those who are were willing to care for these children, and the beauty of a Savior who died for us even though our sin twisted His creation.

When I remember these children, I am reminded what the Bible tells us. What the world despises as weak and useless God uses to shame the strong. I know that these words speak specifically of the gospel, but I can’t help that think that one day, those who wanted to throw these weak and despised ones away will be shamed as these weak and despised ones are made whole and perfect.

God is good. God is loving. God is holy. All of these and more are true of God, even when I can’t easily see it with my own eyes. I can’t answer all of the questions that arise when seeing this pain and sadness. What I do know is that when the world turns away, followers of Christ cannot. We need to look and touch and pray and love. May He give us the strength to do so when we are given the opportunity.