After a very challenging year in many ways, but a blessed year, my family and I are back in Romania for a new year of service to the people.

Often people in the states will ask, do you like going to Romania? My usual response is, I don’t like the trip getting there or going home but we feel like we are with family when we are there. The Romanian people are a wonderful people who provide for us in an incredible way while we are here. This makes ministry so much more enjoyable.

Also, it is a joy to be able to take the Gospel to the people who often seem so broken or distraught from life’s challenges. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only message that truly changes people forever.

So, we are here to share Christ and how He has changed our lives. Hopefully, prayerfully, the people will hear and respond to Him.

We long for your prayers, as we take the greatest message man could receive, to the world of Romania.