March 2018 Trip

Perspective – by Chris and Rachel Thomas

I cannot begin to put into words the joy that it has been for Rachel and me to have our 3 month old son, Cole, with us in Romania. I don’t know how many times I was asked, “Are you sure it’s a good idea to take a 3-month old overseas?” These questions come for many reasons: safety, travel, sickness, etc. Ultimately, however, I believe it to be a lack of perspective. This became abundantly clear to me as we were holding outdoor church services in the snow yesterday. We were in poor villages in the cold and yet […]

The Blessings of a Not So, Whole Mind

By Pastor Bruce Goldsmith

At the risk of being misunderstood, i want to say that it is a blessing from God to have a “whole” mind. There are many in this world who were born with a mind that did not fully develop or, sadly, there are those who have had some serious issue that caused their minds to be interrupted from its normal growth process, leaving it less than “whole”.

By a “whole” mind, I am speaking of a mind that is able to reason in the world, along with the rest of the world at large. In other words, […]

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Joy – by Leah Becker

Joy!  That describes this week so far!  It has been such a privilege to be back in Romania – serving our great God and His people!

I have experienced and witnessed so much joy this week:  joy in the reuniting of brothers and sisters of the FFH team; joy in working together to package up medicines to distribute in gypsy villages; joy in practicing songs to sing at worship services; joy in ministering to gypsy men, women, and children in private homes and being able to pray for their families; joy in sharing Christ congregationaly in small village churches; joy […]

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Welcome Home by Pastor Jay Roberts

God blessed team members traveling from Nebraska and Virginia to Romania. Our flights were without delay or incident. The airline we flew graciously allowed our Humanitarian Relief bags to fly free rather than at the normal rate of $100 per additional bag beyond the free allowance. For this favor we had prayed to God and asked Him for it.

The airline agent in Washington, who checked in the relief bags for the eight of us from VA, talked with us about missions work that she has done and remains involved with. She was a breath of fresh air and obviously […]

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Back in Romania

By Pastor Bruce Goldsmith
After a very challenging year in many ways, but blessed year, my family and I are back in Romania for a new year of service to the people.
Often people in the states will ask, do you like going to Romania? My usual response is, I don’t like the trip getting there or going home but we feel like we are with family when we are there. The Romanian people are a wonderful people who provide for us in an incredible way while we are here. This makes ministry so much more enjoyable.
Also, it is a joy […]

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