Joy!  That describes this week so far!  It has been such a privilege to be back in Romania – serving our great God and His people!

I have experienced and witnessed so much joy this week:  joy in the reuniting of brothers and sisters of the FFH team; joy in working together to package up medicines to distribute in gypsy villages; joy in practicing songs to sing at worship services; joy in ministering to gypsy men, women, and children in private homes and being able to pray for their families; joy in sharing Christ congregationaly in small village churches; joy in hearing one team member’s testimony of answered prayer in the removing of cancer and seeing villagers who had prayed for her respond with love and thanksgiving to the Lord; joy in hearing another team member’s testimony of being diagnosed with cancer and how he is fully leaning on and trusting the Lord with the outcome; joy in witnessing villagers be more excited about receiving New Testaments than the medicine and bread we had for them; and the list goes on!

Top it off with a great evening of preaching by team pastors in Brusturi, Romania, one lesson of which was about Joy – and how it boils down to our relationship with Jesus Christ and how it is the most important  thing in our lives!

I pray the readers of this blog will see that Christ Jesus and sharing Him with others is our passion and that you will find this joy for yourselves!

Leah Becker