At the risk of being misunderstood, I want to say that it is a blessing from God to have a “whole” mind. There are many in this world who were born with a mind that did not fully develop or, sadly, there are those who have had some serious issue that caused their minds to be interrupted from its normal growth process, leaving it less than “whole”.

By a “whole” mind, I am speaking of a mind that is able to reason in the world, along with the rest of the world at large. In other words, a mind that can understand, right and wrong and function in the realm of “normalcy”.

Today, we visited some adult men and women who have, for one reason or another, been affected so that their minds are far behind their physical bodies in development. The beautiful thing is, in their world, they seem to be very happy or should I say content with the way their lives are. For them, it seems, life is joyful all the time and over the simplest of things. They seem to carry with them a simplicity that is untouched by the rest of the world. In that, they are a beautiful people. Unspotted by the seemingly corrupted minds of the world, they seem to live in a certain type of peace that the world cannot understand. It is a beautiful site in many ways.

Yet, I cannot desire to switch with them. I do, however, wonder if they may be the ones who are more blessed. Is it possible to enjoy life more from a mind that is what the world may call, tainted, versus a mind that is caught in the muck and mire of a world system filled with confusion and uncertainty?

To be sure, these people seem to have a relationship with God that the “normal” or “whole” mind cannot understand. Perhaps they are those whom the Lord would refer to as the “least of these” and reserve a very special place in heaven for them.

We who have a “whole” mind are blessed for sure, in that we have the ability to see life from a different perspective and again I would not want to change places, but I am truly thankful for a God who can see into the heart of all His creation and know His plan for each of us.

Praise His Name!