I have been so challenged and encouraged by the words in Ephesians 3:20-21 that tell of my God’s ability to do whatever he pleases among men. It’s been an immeasurable blessing to visit Romania several times, and each time I have been amazed by God’s ability to transform hearts and lives. I once heard a man say, “The heart is a slippery thing! You can talk to the mind, convincing it of many things, but to talk to the heart? It is beyond the voice of man… it is the business of God.” Praise God He is in the business of changing hearts through the power of the Gospel and the glory of Jesus!

Again this year I saw so many difficult things. So many hurting, so many abandoned, so many children who have been rejected or forgotten by others… It’s a hard thing to see such pain and suffering, but what a joy to be able to tell them of the One who suffered in their place! To be able to tell abandoned children of their Heavenly Father who doesn’t abandon His children—can you imagine that? God’s promises become more beautiful to me each time I return and serve Him in Romania. I am so thankful to the Lord for letting me go back each year to tell the “least of these” of the divine love displayed in Christ! The memories serve as a continual reminder of how blessed I am, not just materially—there are such greater blessings than physical things!—but also how spiritually blessed I am in Christ.

At the end of each year, I always come to a difficult place. I ask the Lord how I can leave such need and brokenness and return to my home which pushes me into the cares of everyday life. How can I leave? I can confidently answer that question with the answer the Lord gave me: “Micah, you are leaving Romania, but I am not going anywhere.” I thank the Lord with all my heart that though we may come and go, He isn’t going anywhere! He is in control! And He is continuing in patiently, lovingly, and faithfully drawing people to Himself.

He is indeed in the business of changing hearts and lives. Not only does He change their hearts, but He has also changed me… And I eagerly await serving Him in the future, for my God “is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that I ask and even imagine…”

— Micah Blowers 2019