Last night I have got a phone call on behalf of pastor John who joined the group in Tatarus. Among different issues discussed I was overjoyed to hear that the Lord used this year’s team in order to bless many people in that congregation. More than half of people were unconverted people and many confessed that the Lord spoke to them and searched their hearts. Moreover, after the meeting, a lady who was attending that small village church shared with pastor John her decision to follow Jesus and confess her faith in baptism. We pray for more. Pastor John was so encouraged…
But even for one soul, it was worth it. Months of preparation in prayer, organizing and planning… It was worth it! Sacrificing time, resources and health… It was worth it! Packing in a rush, no sleep and getting tired in airports… It was worth it!
Why? Because one soul values a lot. Actually so much that Jesus Christ, son of God, died in order to save it by faith!
So please receive our gratitude for your faithfulness for the Lord in such a time like this. God bless you all!