The first wave of the team made it safely to Romania a few hours ago! Thankfully, the VA crew made it out just ahead of the weather system. The trip went really well. Though long and tiresome, the trip was totally stress-free. We easily made all of our flights and passed through customs without a hitch. The only moment of concern was at the border of Romania when we were detained for about 20 minutes. We have all concluded that they were doing a thorough background check into Nathaniel Cook. Apparently, the Duck Dynasty look hasn’t quite trended to Europe just yet and his manly beard set off some bells and whistles. In all seriousness, we praise God for a successful trip and don’t take His watch care and protection for granted.

Upon arrival, we were greeted once again by our dear friends from Emmanuel Baptist Church. They are the epitome of great hosts. The mutual love between FFH and these dear people is clear evidence of the power of the gospel and the fellowship it brings.

We are all weary – another reminder of our need for His grace – and in hopes for some good rest. Tomorrow we plan to sort supplies, administrate ministry events, and visit the Children’s Hospital of Oradea. We covet your prayers.

For the team,

Dustin Rogers