Welcome Home by Pastor Jay Roberts

God blessed team members traveling from Nebraska and Virginia to Romania. Our flights were without delay or incident. The airline we flew graciously allowed our Humanitarian Relief bags to fly free rather than at the normal rate of $100 per additional bag beyond the free allowance. For this favor we had prayed to God and asked Him for it.

The airline agent in Washington, who checked in the relief bags for the eight of us from VA, talked with us about missions work that she has done and remains involved with. She was a breath of fresh air and obviously […]

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Back in Romania

By Pastor Bruce Goldsmith
After a very challenging year in many ways, but blessed year, my family and I are back in Romania for a new year of service to the people.
Often people in the states will ask, do you like going to Romania? My usual response is, I don’t like the trip getting there or going home but we feel like we are with family when we are there. The Romanian people are a wonderful people who provide for us in an incredible way while we are here. This makes ministry so much more enjoyable.
Also, it is a joy […]

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The Sound of Music

By: Pastor Jay Roberts

How amazing and thrilling it is to know that God gave us the gift of music to enjoy and to worship Him with it. And, when we give music back to Him, He allows us to use it to minister to others and glorify Him.

My skills with a guitar are limited yet I enjoy playing to worship God and to sing songs that convey a message of hope and encouragement, as well as cause the listener to reflect on spiritual things.

God allowed multiple opportunities to use music for Him this most recent trip, not only for […]

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Faith, Hope, and Love

By Leah Becker

Today was an amazing day! I heard about God’s faithfulness to a home for the less fortunate; saw hope (and thankfulness) in tired eyes; and witnessed amazing love pouring out of pastors for their sheep.

The FFH team was also privileged to minister to the needs of many in the village of Tinca and, in turn, were ministered to as we all participated in worship together! There were great, challenging messages and wonderful singing and praising the Lord!

1 Cor. 13:13 “But now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

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Glory to God?

By: Pastor Jay Roberts

I had a tour of a very ornate church building today. I am purposefully leaving out what type of church it is. It is guilded throughout with pavement. You understood correctly – pavement. The streets of Heaven will be paved with gold and that is the material used in this place.

As I stood in appreciation of the architecture, craftsmanship, and excellent artwork, I could not help but ponder a sobering question. Even though I am certain that they built this magnificent […]

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Being Blessed in Romania

It is wonderful to be back in Romania with the FFH 2017 Team. It has been so great seeing my Romanian friends again after 5 years! I am so thankful to have my husband Johnny and daughter Sarah on the trip this time. Since our safe arrival on Thursday 3/9, we have been busy. Friday we spent preparing for the Pastors Conference that took place all day Saturday. I had the privilege of speaking to the Romanian Pastors wives during the conference. Surprisingly it is harder to speak for 15 minutes than i thought?!
I think I have already […]

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Good Friday in March

By: Pastor Jay Roberts

I had the opportunity to minister at El Sedai tonight. Friends Sorin Maier fave me a ride from Emanuel Baptist Church in Oradea to the facility along with friends Sergio and Nicolae Moranciu. I was blessed to have two persons translate for me as well as for my benefit including Sorin when an ex-offender shared his powerful testimony. (Photo by Nicolae Moranciu)

I was very happy especially to see a very sweet deaf couple again. I know only a little sign language however with a Translator app, and FB, communication need not […]

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Joyous Reunions in a place I’d never been!

By: Pastor Jay Roberts

Thursday our team was divided for ministry in two villages. I was amongst the team ministering in the gypsy village Andrid. It was the first time FFH had been to Andrid.

We had scarcely gotten off the bus to meet with the gypsy pastor, guides, and others who would be helping when a man stated that I looked familiar. He proceeded to ask if I had ever been in the Oradea, Romania jail. It happens that this man had been in the prison last year when I was there and he remembered me. […]

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Village Ministry

By Leah Becker

This is my first trip to Romania and I am feeling blessed and incredibly humbled after my first day of village ministry (Thursday March 9). We were privileged to meet, share Christ, and bless people in the villages of Piscolt and Andrid, who were truly in need, with medicines, bread, and a New Testament! Local village women also received umbrellas and scarves, while we got to make their kiddos smile with stuffed animals! They were sincerely happy and thankful to receive these humble gifts and it truly touched and changed my heart. I know I have repeated […]

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Safely in Romania

By Lewis Thomas

By God’s grace, Mary, myself, and Maria Grace are safely in Romania. We look forward to singing and sharing in a number of churches here tomorrow, as well as having fellowship with many of our dear Romanian friends. We are praying for the wonderful team that will be joining us over the next few days. May the Lord break our hearts for the orphan, the widow, the abandoned, the poor, the broken, and the lost.